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My word...

Interesting and strange, the things found in Yahoo's Top 10 Scariest New Car Features. It HAS been awhile since I had to buy a car, hasn't it? Mercifully these seem to be predominately expensive car features, so I'm unlikely to encounter any of 'em when next I do. Though, alas, the main danger of number 4 (see below) is probably to the rest of us on the street as the distracted driver's attempts to find where he is keeps him from noticing where he's going.

4. iDrive

Even among the trio of similar dashboard interfaces from Audi and Mercedes, BMW's iDrive is utter knobsense. Directional inputs send you to various submenus, but in most models there are no shortcut or previous-screen buttons around the knob. In many models, street labels sit on a horizontal plane no matter the direction of the street, and if you need to scroll along the map you have to spin the knob to move east/west, then click it down and spin it again to move north/south. If you get the hang of it, you'll be ready for "Survivor" tryouts.