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Comments and Kazoos

Hesitate to say "reviews" given that I've pretty much stuck to single paragraphs in this series. Anyway, my comments on The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory.

I'll have a page up on this year's Kazoo Awards as announced at ConChord in a bit (as the creator of same, I took photos of the awards) and I expect so will the ConChord website when it gets updated. Meanwhile, the results were:

Devils and Other Malevolent Spirits was a tie:
Vampire Megabite by Steve Savitsky
The Chickasaw Mountain Deal by Leslie Fish

Bloody Murder
The Ballad of Alferd G. Packer by Alan Thiesen

Ghosts 2 (the revenant category)
Dawson’s Christian by Duane Elms

Close Your Eyes by Daniel Glasser

Dead Drunk

307 Ale by Tom Smith