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Found it!

Way back when I first encountered Google Earth, I went looking for the furthest south island I could find short of Antarctica, and found one that looked interesting, complete with a church dedicated to "our lady of the winds" which, given that it was down where the wind can go right around the planet seemed appropriate enough. I decided to go look at it again, only to find that I'd forgotten the name and exact location of the place, and that Google Earth had added a LOT more islands in the meantime. We've now put in a broadband connection, so I decided to brute force it... and found that first off my vague recollection of it being in the Atlantic was wrong. Wasn't in the Pacific, either. Finally I found them well south of and just a bit to the west of the point of India. I hadn't recognized them before because they were labeled "French Southern and Antarctic Lands", whereas I'd known them as the Kergulens, a term that turned up when I got closer. I was also delighted to find a number of photos have been added, so I could see what the place looked like from the ground, and also just what the "Campanille de Notre Dame des Vents" looks like. It's quite pretty, and has a really nice sculpture out front facing the sea.

I still don't know what one thing that looks like some sort of power generator a fairish distance from town is (I'd suspect a wind farm given the location, but the shadows don't look quite right), but on the whole it's nice to find the thing again. If you want to look at it, search on Port-Au-Français or "French Southern and Antarctic Lands"


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Jun. 19th, 2008 06:48 am (UTC)
Hmm... more recent study (and a lot more info on the place, which is a scientific research establisment), and I think it's probably some sort of antenna array.
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