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Things I Learned From British Ballads

My thanks to mdlbear for this link.  For some reason Joe Bethancourt's "Silver Dagger" piece keeps coming to mind...  Obviously time to go listen to Naked Banjos again... :)

The week continues interesting - Vicky's off school for a week and has declared it time to go do Fun Stuff.  So Monday we went out to City Walk so I could pick up some interesting windup stuff (to be amongst the rewards for CaliFur  volunteers who don't work long enough to get the t-shirt)  from the only remaining retail store for Wound and Wound, yesterday we went shopping on Melrose (entertaining funky stuff for sale, and not a chain store in sight) and today we went over to the Museum of Natural History in Exposition Park with her friend Mashica (Vicky?  spelling?).  Alas, the dinosaur exhibit, the rotunda with the whale skeleton and the hall of Really Big Things from the Tar Pits (or whatever's in there now) are closed at the moment, but we had fun looking at the dinos in the central hall, all the nifty minerals and gems in the hall of same, dioramas, a preserved Megamouth shark (with two preserved Coelicanths), reduced size samples of historical furniture, and some middle school class's spiffy "culture  creation"  project artifacts.  Tomorrow I'm headed over to her place to make costume tails (also for CaliFur rewards) whilst she works on school projects, and then we're off to the LASFS.  Friday we may go to the Huntington Library (which has a whole lot of nice gardens including a new Chinese one that opened earlier this year.)