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The rest of the stuff in fabula_umbrae's journal that I'm interested in responding to.

Years role-playing:
34, approx - anyway I started with D&D in 1974.  Though that's not really the begining, since I'd been making up characters as long as I can recall, and did a fair amount of cosplay (we called it "costuming" then) in college.

Least favorite character?:
Can't really answer that one given that if I don't like a character I won't  play them for long.  Maybe Morwen the Dark Poet; then again she IS a sociopathic baddie NPC...

Male or female characters?:
Both.  Especially in games. 

Oldest character played?:
Absent any god  types who.. well, how do you TELL?  Oh, and Yissal who is probably a couple of thousand years old but Sidhe are weird.  Anyway the version of Aleric Valin I used in Star Trek cosplay, given that to get her into the universe at all involved killing off the Teklenan, her society, and practically everybody she cared about in the process and took about a thousand years.  She survived due to a  combination of nanotech based non-aging pseudoimmortality, coupled with my deciding she didn't run into an accident.  And frankly it was a very dirty trick - ok, I did essentially the same thing to Lisel Metaxa, but her personality was better adapted to cope with it.

Longest character played?:
Cosplay,  Aleric again.  RPG, Lord Frederic Finagle.  My first character ever rolled up, he came out mostly 8s and got dubbed "Mediocre Fred" after a character in a song of the same name (who turns out to be a vampire which my character did NOT thankfully).  During his first run which was impressively weird, he got turned into an 8th level fighter*, and finished up the run at 9th.  Which is the point at which he got the rest of his name...

*OK, I should probably explain this.  It was actually a trap - this was a high level party, most of the 10th level or higher.  There was a card from a warped "deck of many things" that turned you into an 8th level fighter, which was great for  Fred, but would've been icky for, say, a 12th level mage...

Newest character?:
Yissal, at least as a PC - she's from a short story I wrote awhile previous, and has come out to see what things are like outside of the Sidhe mound.
Otherwise probably Auren Technomancer.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...

Jump off a bridge?:  Lenla's sister Kala - who has married into a griffin/sphynx pride and thus spend most of her time shapeshifted into a griffin and thus would use the bridge to take off from and fly upwards.
Get drunk and pass out?:  Alfric.  Though he'd usually stay sober enough to be awake to enjoy himself.
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way?:  I'm a little afraid Yissal is going to do so by accident, at least once on this trip.  She's no idea just how ignorant she is of her surroundings.
Be far too hyper for their own good?:  Yealurowluro.  H'reli get that way...
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions?: Well, if Morwen got lost she'd probably not ask for directions... she'd just use a spell on whoever was unfortunate enough to be in range.
Get lung cancer?: No idea.
Star in a horror movie?: Tref Mountainside mostly I suppose because Rayenne LOOK like something out of the Cthulhu mythos.
Star in a whore movie?: Most likely Madame Meghan of Madame Meghan's  Happy House (in the Robber's Roost - hey; gotta have something besides monsters and treasure to keep the expeditioners entertained), or possibly her top courtesan, the Golden Lady (neutral golden dragon).
Star in a video game?: Ryllyn the Shapeshifter (hey, he could play EVERYBODY though of course not all at once)
Make the world a better place?: Lord Frederic Finagle actually; he's not a hereditary anything, he's valley lord for the Gateway Valley because everybody trusts his judgment and I don't just mean the humans.  And this is one of those places where "the land rose in revolt" against a bad ruler could be literal.
Have a torrid gay love affair?:  Yealurowluro.  Who would be perfectly capable of having a torrid straight love affair at  the same time.  In the same bed....  H'reli.  H'reli pilot.  Nutcase.

Relate each word to a character of yours:
Love - Lady Lianor d'Finagle.  Brought her back to her mate and children even when her conscious had no idea they existed.
Hate - Shirra, I guess though far as I know the only thing she hates is an abstract, Evil.
Money - Alfric.  More for spending it than having it - he's the only character I've had to make a million gold pieces and then spend most of it. 
Seduction - Alfric.  Party animal, and enjoys company.  Quite cute in human form.
Lies - Auren Technomancer.  Well not outright lies, but she comes from one of those societies who think it's rude to refuse to answer a question outright, but do not require you to provide any information in your answer that you don't want to.  And on top of this she's a  Technomancer and they like being mysterious.  Character most likely to be involved in one of those situations that lead to comments of the "And that, Your Honor, is when I shot her." variety...
Tragedy - Aleric Metaxai Valin.  The Star Trek version.  A thousand years and a fallen civilization leave a lot of room for tragedy. 
Manipulation - Yissal.  Leastwise when back home.  It's what Sidhe DO mostly.  So far there's not been enough of the expedition for this facet to show up.
Violence - Alfric.  Werewolverine + Boots of haste = Furry buzzsaw.
Politics - Lord Frederic.  Would not have his job were he not good at it.
Fire - Ryllyn.  Leastwise he's got a firebird friend in Branniton who taught him the shape...
Ice -  No character comes to mind.  Of course there was the con I was one of the Ice Pirates of the Fourth Floor (which was out of ice which is why we were stealing it from the next floor down) briefly. :)

Would you ever...
Play a prostitute?: Actually I have - the Golden Lady.  Granted she's an NPC.
Play a musician?: Yes.  Kestrel the bard generally wanders though scenarios rather than actively participating, but she does get around.
Play a homosexual?: I don't think I've got any obligatory homosexuals.  Tref maybe but Rayenne are hermaphroditic so I'm cheating there.
Play a pedophile?: No. 
Play a politician?: Sure.
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut?: Not in RP - some things are a lot more fun in reality, thank you.  I would if I were writing porn, of course.
Play a character who commits incest?: Nope.  Leastwise not knowingly.  And between Oedipus and parts of the Ring Cycle, I see no particular reason to add  to that theme.