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Update on Scribblit

Scribblit's in the process of changing hosts so all my links to posts I've made there are not active anymore - I'll upload the important ones here later (I'm still recovering from the %&^*&T*()( flu). See here for details.

That's details on Scribblit. As for the flu, I'm past "sorry, estivating" through "Excuse me while I cough myself to Alpha Centauri" into "Tissues! Must Have More Tissues!" and the early stages of "C'mon, it's been a week, isn't this thing over YET?" I feel fine lying down. I feel dizzy standing up. I feel a sense of accomplishment in that I got my hair washed today. I feel annoyed that if it weren't for this thing I'd be up North getting ready for ConSonance beginning tomorrow.

Ah well, there's still plenty of reading material in the To Read Queue. Allow me to recommend the works of Peter Tremayne, historical mystery writer extraordinaire...