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I iz in ur votiing booth

Voting for whoever. Well, was yesterday, anyway. The local Japanese Cultural Center was this year's polling place, again - they've plenty of room and it's a nice place to wait your turn. Vicky, Nicolai and I went over together much to the amusement of the poll workers. Nicolai's registered Republican, I'm Democrat, and Vicky's Independent. The family that votes together.. whatever. :) Given that Nicolai tends to vote for the Rep least likely to do the party any good, I guess it's not all that different in any case. Each of us appears to have agreed with the majority of Californians voting for the respective parties, leastwise as last I heard last night. Right now I'm over at Vicky's taking care of her because she seems to have come down with the flu or something along those lines. Hope we didn't give it to the rest of the precinct.

You know you've been reading too much Harry Potter fanfic when: you walk into a restaurant and the greeters are two young guys, one with dark hair and dark rimmed glasses, the other with red hair and your second thought is "thank God humans aren't telepathic". :)