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A few notes on Southern California

or, no the whole place is not on fire...  Which is not to say we haven't had a particularly lively fire season this year and it's still going on. But for a bit of perspective:

Assuming Wikipedia's got it right (and it looks ok) taken as everything south of the Tehachapis, Southern California is a bit over 42,000 square miles in size (a mite over 17.1 million acres).  A recent Reuters report cites 810 square miles burned or about 2% of the whole.  Which is pretty big, and the disaster area declarations are appropriate, but most of us were nowhere near the active fires.  The biggest hazard is all the crud that's been thrown into the air, which DOES travel a fairish distance; we've even see a bit of it here, and as you can see from below Marina del Rey is a goodly distance from Malibu which I think is where the closest fire has been.

The view from 36 miles up, MdR to Malibu

Note - that stuff down on the flat around MdR is West Los Angeles, while up over the mountains is the lower portion of the western San Fernando Valley.  If you want to see the whole city you get to back up rather further...

Meanwhile, the firefighters are and have been doing a truly impressive job, frequently in winds that did not allow much in the way of water drops and the like.  I don't think I can praise them highly enough.  We've got good people out there!