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Fifteen trucks piled up in the southbound truck lane tunnel on Interstate 5 next to the I14 (Antelope Valley) interchange late last night with truly spectacular results. Firefighters described flames shooting out of the end of the tunnel and up 100 feet, there may be some structural damage to the tunnel and in general it's a mess. I5 was closed both ways last I heard and my guess is this will continue for a long time. Which is going to cause merry chaos - an amazing lot of traffic normally goes through there, especially on weekdays, and what alternate routes there are are not suited for heavy traffic. To put it mildly. I don't think Sand Canyon Road is designed to handle what's about to descend upon it. Map.

I gather most of the truckers got out with scrapes, bruises and the odd burn but some are still missing. And we can only pray no cars tried to go through there at just the wrong time. We might never find out... :(