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Advice to Fanfic Writers, from a Reader

A few suggestions inspired by recent reading. 

Avoid Repetitive Angst Injury. One fully described "oh woe is me" session per cause per character really is sufficient.  The character may continue to angst as much as they please, but the descriptions thereafter should be simple, short references.  Trust the reader to remember the details.

"X and Y approach sex asymptotically" as a plot device becomes silly after two or three repetitions.  Unless you want the reader to be amused, avoid this.

Unless you're writing porn, and they're the reason for the story, sex scenes should follow pretty much the same rules as angst wallows.  One or two detailed scenes per couple are plenty.  Sex is one of those things that is generally far more fun to do than to read about.  Especially if what you're really interested in is "How Will Our Heroes Save the Day?".