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Warning, contains an ad, also a planet

Well, sorta - Okibashi sent me a coupon for 15% off on any order my friends care to place using this address which gets you onto their site and gives you the discount coupon number. They do make decent, long lived sandals (this happened in the first place because I sent them an order recently), and the link is good until September 4. They've also offered me a free pair either for any order or for each order (not quite sure), though to be honest since my first pair is 3 years old and does not need replacement, while I just bought a second pair, I doubt I'm going to need one.

In other news, the Astronomy Photo of the Day is an artist's conception of TrES 2b, the darkest planet found yet, the usually extra large planet improbably close to its primary (now there's a sentence you wouldn't have seen ten years ago...). Long live the Kepler satellite!